Single Mother Karin Geraci Finds Passion Serving BVI Community

November 15, 2023

Armed with a background in education, a single mother of a profoundly visually impaired daughter was inspired to give back to the blind and visually impaired (BVI) community.

Karin Geraci was first introduced to Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired through the Low Vision Clinic six years ago. Her nine-year-old daughter, Josie, was born with a gene mutation that causes visual impairment.

While taking her daughter to the Low Vision Clinic, Geraci formed a friendship with Clovernook Center Director of Program Services Kelly Lusk, Ph.D., TVI who also introduced Geraci to the organization’s Youth Adaptive Sports and Leisure activities. All three of Geraci’s children got involved, including her two sons, Dominic and Gio, who don’t have a visual impairment.

“The wonderful thing is all my children can participate,” said Geraci. “It’s sports for everyone in the family!”

Raising a visually impaired child, Geraci saw how technology and special services could help her daughter excel in her education and she wanted to help others. At the encouragement of Dr. Lusk, Geraci obtained a master’s degree through the Visual Impairment Program at the University of Kentucky.

The rest is history. Geraci joined the Clovernook Center team in April 2023 as Teacher of Students with Visual Impairment. In her role, she supports the Low Vision Clinic.

“I bridge the medical piece with the educational piece,” said Geraci. “I show kids with BVI how to use optical devices at school, make educational recommendations — such as sitting closer to the teacher, how a window seat can cause the light to be too bright, etc. — and conduct reading assessments. Low vision children can fall behind in school. The print is too small, and they can’t read it. I make sure they are maintaining their reading level.”

Geraci also helps plan and carry out Clovernook Center events and Youth Adaptive Sports and Leisure activities.

“Every day is different in my job,” said Geraci. “Some days, I’m in the clinic. Some days, I’m playing with kids. Other days, I’m at a computer. My favorite part is teaching parents and children how to advocate for themselves and giving them the tools they need to do it.”

Geraci said she hopes she inspires other parents of children with BVI to find a community for their child like she did for her daughter.

“If there’s one organization out there that has the whole gamut, it’s Clovernook Center. There are the education and medical components, sports and leisure and the family focus. This is truly a passion for me. All my assets can be used for the gain of others; to help in my community. I love what I do!”

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