Clovernook Center Adaptive Sports Program

Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired, in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, is proud to offer adaptive sports and recreational activities for children and young adults who are blind or have visual impairments. From skiing in the winter to year-round activities like boxing or rock-climbing, our catalog and calendar of activities is growing.

With younger kids with blindness or visual impairments, there is an emphasis on literacy – getting them through school. With young adults, there is an emphasis on ADLs (or Activities of Daily Living) and/or career development. Clovernook Center provides these services: whether it be through our Pediatric Low Vision  Clinic our partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Department of Ophthalmology, or by leveraging our existing assets for on-site activities. Now, Clovernook Center’s Adaptive Sports program adds an exciting offering to our range of services.

About Adaptive Sports

Adaptive sports are exactly that: sports and recreational activities with slight adaptations so people with visual impairment can enjoy them. For skiing, it could mean 2:1 student-teacher instruction with the use of guide poles or a lead instructor skiing backward, giving instruction to a child as they go down the hill. Blind Tennis, for example, the adaptation is a larger, bright yellow ball with a bell inside plus a 2- or 3-bounce rule.

Clovernook Center and Cincinnati Children’s are proud to partner with so many Adaptive Sports providers, some of which have a long history of working with individuals with disabilities. With their help, we are able to create a fun, safe environment specifically designed for kids with visual impairment. Most times, this comes at no out-of-pocket cost to participating families.

Get Involved

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Thank you to Clovernook Center’s Adaptive Sports Partners:

Cincinnati Children’s

Cincinnati Tennis Foundation

Perfect North Slopes

The Imhoff School of Boxing

RockQuest Climbing Center

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