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MSCE (Multi State Center East)

Multistate Center East (MSCE) is a division of Clovernook Center, and a regional distribution center that functions as “materials support” for network libraries in a specified geographical area of the country. Working on a contractual basis with the Library of Congress (LOC), National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), MSCE provides publications, equipment, supplies, and interlibrary loan service for books and magazines in adaptive format to network libraries in their geographic areas and to each other.  MSCE uniquely handles some limited items for the entire network.

MSCE receives, stores, shelves, duplicates, and distributes copies of all NLS-issued books; selected special collections; and some volunteer-produced material, including audio cartridge and braille books. The MSCE quality assurance specialist provides technical and artistic consultation to assist local recording groups in attaining and maintaining the level of quality required by NLS standards and specifications for locally produced books and magazines.

For more information please call MSCE at 513-771-1127.


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