June 6, 2023

Eight-year-old Josephine “Josie” is a spirited girl who enjoys all life has to offer. Josie has low vision and needs some assistance when accomplishing things that are necessary in her life. Your support makes it possible for Josie to receive the assistance she needs to be successful in school as well as feel confident to compete in sports.

Josie was only three years old when she discovered Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired. It was her ophthalmologist who originally referred Josie to our Pediatric Low Vision Clinic. This initiative, led in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, provides comprehensive low vision evaluations and rehabilitation services for children with visual impairments, ages 3 to 21. Josie received optical devices, mobility training and assistance in school. Those services were a game changer for Josie and gave her confidence in the classroom.

“Clovernook Center was an advocate for my daughter at her school and she received the support that she needed,” said Karin, Josie’s mother.

Your commitment makes it possible for children, like Josie, to receive exceptional care and support to take on any obstacle they may encounter in their lives.

Josie was born with a PAX6 gene mutation, commonly referred to as anterior segment dysgenesis, which can cause such symptoms as nystagmus and a variety of other visual impairments. She wears glasses to assist with an astigmatism and distance, and she also uses a white cane for guidance in unfamiliar settings.

Josie doesn’t let her visual impairment slow her down. She enthusiastically participates in Clovernook Center’s Youth Adaptive Sports & Leisure Program which offers a variety of adaptive sports and recreational activities for children with visual impairments. Josie’s favorite adaptive sport is goalball which involves throwing a ball with bells embedded into it toward the opposing goal. She also enjoys adaptive bowling, skiing and tennis.  When she is not dominating on the goalball court, she enjoys reading, playing with her Barbie dolls, swimming, watching YouTube videos, playing video games, riding roller coasters, traveling and karate.

You make those enjoyable moments possible for Josie. Because of you, Josie has access to assistive technology and exposure to recreational activities, which gives her confidence to excel in the classroom, on the playing field and in our community.

“Clovernook Center has been a wealth of support for my daughter. Without their support, the community isn’t as inclusive for children with visual impairments as it could be,” said Karin.

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