Low Vision Clinic

The Pediatric Low Vision Program, a partnership between Clovernook Center and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Ophthalmology Department, provides comprehensive low-vision evaluation and rehabilitation services to visually impaired children 3-21 years of age. The goal of the clinic, which is partially funded by a grant from The Dater Foundation, is to enhance remaining vision for children with permanent vision loss and to provide access to the visual environment in the classroom, out of school and for activities of daily living.

A transdisciplinary team of professionals trained in ophthalmology, low vision, occupational therapy, orientation and mobility and education complete an individualized low vision evaluation, rehabilitation plan, and follow-up consultation for each child. Vision enhancing optical devices, assistive technology, educational recommendations and support to local school systems are all part of this service.

Our low vision evaluations last approximately one hour. Our goal is to allow plenty of time for the child to become comfortable in a new environment and for families and/or teachers to have time to ask questions.


      • Low Vision Evaluation
      • Experienced staff including a pediatric ophthalmologist, ophthalmic tech, teacher of the visually impaired, orientation and mobility specialist and occupational therapist
      • Trial low vision devices, such as telescopes and magnifiers
      • Assistive Technology
      • Narrative low vision reports containing recommendations for parents, caregivers, teachers and doctors
      • Follow-up after the low vision evaluation by a teacher of the visually impaired
      • What to bring to the low vision evaluation?
        • Completed parent packet provided by the Low Vision Team
        • Eyeglasses, low vision devices and/or assistive technology currently being used
        • Favorite toys or examples of school work

For more information or to make a referral contact Mel Klayer @ 513-636-3513 or melody.klayer@cchmc.org or complete the below form.

Low Vision Clinic Referral Form

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My son has implemented all his tools from the low vision clinic to help him during school and at home. The school also has a teacher who helps him one on one when needed and for the first time he received all A’s on his report card!! He’s doing great, thank you and your team so much for everything. – Mother of a participant

I received a report from your team as part of a referral for a school district that I work in.

Wow! Thanks so much for such a clear and concise report! I can easily determine that he will qualify for visually impaired services. The process should go simple and quickly with the report and recommendations.  I will recommend this program to families who ask.  – Local Teacher for the Visually Impaired (TVI)

The Clovernook facility and Pediatric low vision staff are amazing! Our son was recently diagnosed with low vision and Lisa has helped us secure low vision tools, technology, and a TVI for our son. Although our son’s school isn’t close, Lisa took the time to come and show my son, the teachers, and myself how to use all of his low vision tools so he could have a successful start to school. We feel so fortunate to have this facility and team nearby. They are a wealth of knowledge and support. – Mother of a participant