October 3, 2022

Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired is proud to announce an innovative eyewear resource available for youth with low vision, ages 11 to 21, through its Pediatric Low Vision Program in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. EnChroma, Inc. is widely known for its vision-enhancing glasses to help with color blindness. They have now created the Lx Series to support and enhance functional vision over multiple lighting conditions for people with low vision. Children or adolescents who wear these lenses can experience glare reduction and improved visual definition and contrast.

The Lx Series consists of four lenses that address a child’s combined need to better manage glare and increase contrast. The lenses filter out wavelengths of light that cause discomfort from glare to produce a comforting, quieting effect on the eye. By enhancing contrast and improving clarity, children with low vision can feel safer as they travel in their daily lives.

“EnChroma Lx glasses augment what little vision I have, that I didn’t think I still had and helps me regain pieces of information I couldn’t perceive before, which reduces my reliance on tactile and echo perception,” said Blair Wong, a licensed optician with late-stage retinitis pigmentosa.

Most people with low vision often choose sunglasses with lenses that reduce glare but are so dark they eliminate important visual information. They may also choose lenses that are very lightly tinted and brightly colored to enhance objects seen but then are not dark enough to reduce glare. As a result, many people have to carry a variety of lens tint options which makes choosing and wearing the correct glasses at the right time an unsatisfying trial-and-error process.

“I’m excited EnChroma Lx lenses will be available for children who receive care from our Pediatric Low Vision Program. As someone who is challenged by glare and light sensitivity, I’m thrilled to be able to offer this groundbreaking eyewear technology. We are grateful to EnChroma for offering their eyewear technology as another resource to assist children with low vision,” said Clovernook Center President/CEO Chris Faust.

For more information about Clovernook Center’s Pediatric Low Vision Program or to learn more about EnChroma Lx lenses, please contact Dr. Kelly Lusk at klusk@clovernook.org.

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