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March 19, 2021

Meet Dawn Thomas, a Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired employee for 36 years. After learning of Clovernook Center from the Bureau of Services for the Blind, Dawn began working in the Social Enterprise department as a machine operator and was once a supervisor for the Bindery in the Braille Printing House. Today, she is a Bookbinding Specialist assembling braille books and Bibles by making sure they are riveted properly and prepares them for shipping. One of her favorite tasks is assembling the children’s braille books – she compares the print and braille pages and prepares them for the binding process.

Dawn was born blind with congenital cataracts. While pregnant, her mother came in contact with German Measles, which is believed to have caused her blindness. She has had several surgeries that have given her about 10% vision, but scarring from the surgeries in her right eye lead to the development of Glaucoma which eventually took all of her sight in that eye. Thankfully, she still has some useful vision in her left eye.

Dawn has three grown children – two daughters and a son – as well as a three-year-old grandson, Everett – also known as Grandma’s boy! This past November, Dawn’s family grew as she married her husband, Kevin, adding three more sons, a daughter and four grandchildren to the family. They also have several “grand pets.”

For more than 15 years, Dawn has also operated her own small business selling Mary Kay products. Dawn says this is really more of a hobby for her because she likes trying all the new products and sharing them with her family and friends. When Dawn is not busy with Mary Kay or her grandchildren, she likes to spend her free time shopping with her daughters. The pandemic has not stopped her from shopping thanks to online shopping.

Dawn enjoys working at Clovernook Center as she has made some great friendships, many that are close to being like family. She feels the work is rewarding and appreciates knowing that her work affects others in a positive way! Not only is she doing what she loves, but Dawn is happy knowing that she is a part of producing quality braille books for children who are blind or low vision. Clovernook Center is honored to have Dawn as part of the Braille Print House team! Thank you for all that you do, Dawn!

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