Orientation & Mobility

Orientation and mobility services teach safe, efficient and effective travel skills to children with low or no vision. Clovernook Center’s team of orientation and mobility (O&M) specialists provides instruction to help children develop or re-learn the skills and concepts they need to travel safely within their home and in the community. O&M specialists provide services throughout a child’s life, teaching infants and children in preschool and school programs, as well as adults, in a variety of community-based and rehabilitation settings.

When planning an O&M program for children, the focus of training may include things like:

  • Sensory awareness: Gaining information about the world through hearing, smell, touch and proprioception
  • Spatial concepts: Realizing that objects exist even if not heard or felt, and understanding the relationships that exist between objects in the environment
  • Searching skills: Locating items or places efficiently
  • Independent movement: Can include crawling, rolling, walking and more in a safe, independent manner
  • Sighted guide: Using another person to aid travel
  • Protective techniques: Specific skills to provide added protection in unfamiliar areas
  • Cane skills: Use of various cane techniques to clear one’s path or to locate objects along the way.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation, please contact Marshá Gerton at mgerton@clovernook.org or (513) 728-6227.