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Important Updates on The Ohio Regional Braille Challenge

Clovernook Center has been eagerly anticipating the 2022 Ohio Regional Braille Challenge. Our theme, Camping on the Braille Trail, shows that we can take braille anywhere and how important it is to do so. It’s always Clovernook Center’s desire to host an event that allows young people to grow their braille literacy skills, as well as spend time with friends – both old and new.

At this time, in an effort to keep our participants, guests, staff and volunteers safe, Clovernook Center will not be able to host the 2022 Ohio Regional Braille Challenge in person as originally planned on Thursday, February 24th. The good news? You can still be part of this year’s Ohio Regional Braille Challenge! Clovernook Center is taking braille out on the trail and encouraging students to compete individually in the method that best keeps them safe.

TVIs can look to Clovernook Center to coordinate all the ordering and returning of test materials. With this option, students and TVIs will have more flexibility in scheduling testing times. Testing materials must be requested by February 15 and all tests will need to be completed and returned to Clovernook Center no later than March 10th. This timeline will allow students a chance to qualify for the national competition later this year.

In addition to the testing materials, participants will receive all the wonderful goodies they would have received at the in-person Braille Challenge, plus, some additional swag for our hard-working and faithful TVIs.

For more information and to order testing materials, contact Kathy DeLaura at kathy@pinchange.com and Sam Foulkes at sfoulkes@clovernook.org.

Click here for more details on individual proctoring for Braille Challenge participants.


Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Ohio Regional Braille Challenge!


Winners from the 2020 Ohio Regional Braille Challenge


Image from the 2020 Ohio Regional Braille Challenge


Winners from the 2020 Ohio Regional Braille Challenge



Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired hosted its first-ever BOLDLY BVI™ on April 10, 2021. This event is at the heart of Clovernook Center’s mission – to enrich the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired by developing the skills necessary to lead active, productive and independent lives. This program is geared towards BVI students and people who care for them.