A Teen with Many Talents

November 2, 2023

A local teen doesn’t allow low vision to slow him down; he’s active with sports, Scouts and has big aspirations for his college studies.

Noah Krabach, 17, is a frequent participant in Clovernook Center’s Adaptive Sports and Leisure programs. Over the past few years, he’s participated in tennis, goalball, skiing and rock climbing. To date, skiing has been his favorite because of the one-on-one instruction.

Krabach said, “I’m not the greatest at it, but I have fun with it. There’s definitely a learning curve.” And while Krabach may experience a learning curve with skiing, he excels at music. He is an accomplished musician and composer.

“I’ve been told since I was really young that I have an ear for music,” said Krabach. “I can pretty much sit down at the piano and play any song I’ve heard.” He began composing music a few years ago and teaches piano to three young students.

When Noah isn’t enjoying sports or music, he is actively working toward achieving his Eagle Scout rank and planning his service project which will benefit Clovernook Center. “We’re in the early planning stages,” Krabach said. “But the goal is to have six picnic tables constructed by Spring Fling in March.”

The picnic tables will be placed outside the Procter Center on the Clovernook Center campus, but they will be portable and can be moved around as needed.

“I chose Clovernook Center for my project because they’ve done so much for me with sports and finding equipment to help with my low vision.”

Ultimately, Krabach plans to study music composition for film and gaming. Click the following link to visit his YouTube channel and to listen to some of his music.

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