Jesse smiling and hugging his dog

November 21, 2022

The magnificent sound of children playing and laughing could be heard during youth camps this year. Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired hosted two weeks of camps that gave children with low vision the opportunity to participate in leisure activities as well as sporting events. With your support, children were able to socialize, experience new things and build friendships in a comforting, inclusive environment.

Children, like eleven-year-old Jesse, relish the idea of having fun, making new friends and putting any thoughts of school on hold. Jesse has achromatopsia which is a hereditary visual disorder resulting in absence of color vision, decreased vision, light sensitivity and nystagmus. He enjoys similar activities as most children his age which include building Lego sets, playing video games, swimming, bowling, fishing, listening to Christian music, traveling with his family and spending time with his two dogs.

Jesse painting a clay horse figurineDuring those youth camps, Jesse met an energic boy named Drake. A conversation sparked between the two young boys which led to an instant friendship. Jesse and Drake were like two peas in a pod as they toured the American Sign Museum, the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum, tossed footballs at bowling pins for a game called “fowling,” laid down cool beats at Elementz and cheered on the Cincinnati Reds during a sunny afternoon at Great American Ballpark.

You make those wonderful moments possible for children with low vision. Your dedication lets them discover new, exciting adventures and be inclusive members in our community.

“It’s great for my kid to have the opportunity to experience new things and to be able to utilize all of the many different resources at Clovernook Center,” said Jennifer, Jesse’s mother.

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