Isaac sitting in front of a fire place smiling for the camera

November 21, 2022

Confidence and high self-esteem are important for children to succeed in life. It can be a challenge, and some may say even overwhelming for children with low vision to compete in sports at the same level as sighted athletes. You make a difference by your dedication to Clovernook Center’s Youth Adaptive Sports and Leisure Program. Your support makes it possible for children to successfully compete in sporting events and build self-confidence.

Six-year-old Isaac is an active boy who likes to run around and play like other children. At two years of age, Isaac was diagnosed with Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 2 which is a genetic condition that can cause decreased sharpness of vision, rapid eye movements, crossed eyes or increased sensitivity to light.

In the past, Isaac attempted to play baseball with sighted children, but it only led to him feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and separated from his fellow teammates. Your support opened up a whole new world for Isaac when he participated in Clovernook Center’s adaptive tennis events. Specifically designed tennis balls containing miniature bells inside of them aided Isaac in listening for tennis balls as they came toward him. He was also able to learn basic tennis skills without any feelings of awkwardness.

“It helps Isaac’s morale and self-esteem when he competes in something that fits his skill level. It is comforting to him,” said Brian, Isaac’s father.

Isaac sitting next to a toy train setWhen Isaac isn’t on the tennis court, he devotes time to his true passion which is trains. He enjoys collecting them and building train sets.  He also likes drawing, listening to music, playing cornhole and building Lego sets.

With your support, children like Isaac, have a chance to build the confidence and self-esteem needed in their lives.

“It’s life-changing for my son to be able to have this opportunity,” said Brian, Isaac’s father.

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