Image of Laylah hitting a boxing bag with her coach by her side

June 27, 2022

Kids love to play sports.  This is no exception for nine-year-old Laylah.  She was first introduced to the Adaptive Sports & Leisure Program by Dr. Kelly Lusk, manager of Youth and Pediatric Vision Services at Clovernook Center.  When Laylah was seven years old, she was diagnosed with uveitis which led to her being permanently blind in her left eye.

Laylah isn’t your “typical” girl.  She loves animals and likes catching lizards and snakes.  When Laylah goes fishing, she likes putting the bait on her hook.  She also enjoys swimming, camping, listening to country music and going to concerts.

Having a visual impairment did not stop Laylah’s love for adaptive sports or lessen her dedication to become a competitive athlete.  Laylah didn’t hold back any punches when she participated in an adaptive boxing session through Clovernook Center’s Adaptive Sports & Leisure Program.  She received one-on-one training from adaptive sports coaches to learn how to hit bags and other boxing drills.  Dustina, Laylah’s mother, believes that it is important for Laylah to be involved in adaptive sports and to learn new things so that her visual impairment doesn’t prevent her from experiencing things that bring her happiness.  “I can’t be more thankful to the people who helped us have that experience for my kid,” said Dustina.

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