Saul Garza holding award in front of Clovernook Center sign

June 14, 2022

For nine years, Saul Garza has worn many hats as the Braille Textbook and Tactile Graphics Specialist at Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired. He transcribes a variety of publications from print to braille including sports schedules, tactile graphic images for textbooks, projects for National Library Services and works with the Arts & Accessibility team creating tactile graphics for art museum exhibitions. Tactile graphics are raised textured images interpreted, through touch, by individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Those graphics include a legend, referred to as a key in braille, to understand what each image represents. Saul is also responsible for maintaining and updating braille software in the process of being developed for future production.

Saul, a Michigan native, moved to Cincinnati after accepting his position at Clovernook Center. His work history involved computer programming as well as construction before becoming a self-taught, technical graphics designer.

“It has been a learning experience and I enjoy working with the professionals who strive for excellence at Clovernook Center,” said Saul.

In his spare time, Saul enjoys spending time with his family, playing chess, fishing, watching movies and listening to country music. He also enjoys returning to his hometown of Detroit to visit his family and friends.

This year, Saul received the Clovernook Center Spotlight Award for his exceptional growth and development in recognizing our mission. “It felt good to know my employer recognized my contributions to further develop my department’s work,” said Saul.

We appreciate Saul’s passion in making our community more accessible for individuals with blindness or visual impairments.

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