Sean wearing a mask looking at a Clovernook Client

June 17, 2020

Clovernook Center’s Case Manager Sean Ogletree has been on the front line of navigating the pandemic daily as he has assisted clients and employees since the beginning of Ohio’s shelter-in-place orders.

Sean has accompanied several Clovernook clients on their trips to the grocery. He serves as a teacher as well as a guide, helping them learn new habits that will keep them more protected, like always wearing face masks in public and washing hands repeatedly.

Sean and a Clovernook sitting in chairs both wearing masks“The blind and visually impaired rely heavily on their sense of touch. When shopping, they need touch to select the appropriate items,” Sean explains. “This crisis is particularly challenging for the blind community. They often depend on a guide while away from their home, yet having a guide stay six feet away in public isn’t particularly helpful or safe.”

Sean also accompanied a blind client to the hospital for an emergency procedure but faced problems with COVID-19 restrictions in place. These restrictions can be difficult for a patient who is blind or visually impaired, from navigating an unknown space to reading and signing consent forms. Thanks to his experience and creativity, Sean was able to assist the medical team in devising a solution that allowed him to safely accompany her, acting as both a guide to the patient and the medical team caring for her.

Sean was recently featured by The Enquirer in their “Angels Among Us” Heartland series. Click here to read more.

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