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June 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

As the realities of the growing pandemic began unfolding in March, we at Clovernook Center were coming off the high of our largest and most successful Ohio Regional Braille Challenge. Our Adaptive Sports program had been gaining momentum as well, with growing attendance at events such as rock climbing and snow skiing at Perfect North.

Our employees very quickly pivoted to address the issues at hand. Many were able to work at home and some, like Sean Ogletree, provided an increased level of care to address the challenges raised by social distancing and restricted ability to touch.

I am especially proud of our Board of Trustees, who made the decision that employees would come first. They understood that our first obligation is to the safety and well-being of every employee, especially those most at risk.

The stories we have shared in this edition of The Perspective, Learning Life Lessons at the Braille Challenge and One Giant Step for Adelle and
Other Kids: New Adaptive Sports, while they are pre-pandemic, serve an important purpose. They remind us of our fundamental mission and what is possible. A rock wall can transform into a ladder toward potential, and a cognitive challenge can form the bedrock of a lasting friendship. The stories in this issue of The Perspective relive these tales of courage and friendship, and of human resilience among the youngest of our members.

That possibility extends to the members and friends of the Clovernook community. Each of us has the resources and a particular skill we can apply to make the difference.

What is yours? When considering the roles we play in this health crisis, we want to look back and see that our actions were selfless. This is how the Clovernook team operates every day, and it is how we will make it through this emergency.


Signature of Chris Faust

Christopher Faust, President and CEO

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