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Literacy Matters! Braille Literacy Classes Offered to the Public at Clovernook Center.

Literacy matters. Which is why Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (North College Hill) is excited to promote and teach braille literacy in Greater Cincinnati. For over 100 years, Clovernook has been the industry leader in braille publication, and has set the standard for teaching braille literacy. With only 10% of individuals who are blind or visually impaired being able to read braille, there is a large contingency of people who are, in essence, functionally illiterate. The statistics are staggering. Over 50% of students who are blind drop out of high school and 70% of adults who are of working age, who are blind and visually impaired, are unemployed. Because of this, Clovernook’s goal is to make braille literacy accessible for all individuals, blind or sighted. “Many people do not realize that a person who is blind and unable to read braille is similar to a sighted person who is unable to read print. They lack the skills necessary for most jobs, and many everyday situations. We want to stem that, and focus on promoting literacy for all. Our goal is to empower each individual that we serve, so they can be self-sufficient and participate fully in their community.” Says Christopher Faust, CEO/President of Clovernook Center. In conjunction with the braille literacy classes, Clovernook will also begin a book club in late fall. The book club will be open to all readers of print or braille. Interesting to note, is that Clovernook also happens to be the largest Braille Printing House on this side of the Mississippi, with over 30 million Braille pages produces each year. For more information call Debbie Albert at 513-522-3860. Classes are held in the evenings at 7000 Hamilton Avenue, and are open to the public.

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